We have good news from the Spanish Server. In Balgarossa's forum you will find an event, where you will be able to play role with your friends and then learn together more information about the lore of the game.

Do you want to join and practice some spanish language? Link: http://balgarossa.world-of-dungeons.es


We are under construction

Most welcome to this blog!!

We want to share tutorials, news, ideas, make friends and promote the inner mobility of users between our browsers. And, of course, show our wonderful World of Dungeons to every single role lover.

We are players from every corner around the world, but we speak in english here for the mere purpose of understanding between us.

No matter how many worlds have your current server, you only can have 1 account. But you can open more accounts in more servers. For example:
Example 1:
I opened 1 account in the spanish server and another 1 account in the english server. Now, I play with my spanish-speakers friends and english-speakers friends and that is ok.
Example 2:
I have 2 or more accounts in the german server... That is multiaccounting and that is bad.

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And remember, maybe we speak in 5 official languages (Cervantes', Goethe's, Li Bai's, Molière's & Shakespeare's ones), but we still being the same community. Union is Strength!

P.S: Now we are looking for more volunteers who will post here news about their own server. It will be great if we're 5 administrators (1 for the german browser, 1 for the english one, 1 for the french one, 1 for the spanish one and 1 for the chinese one) and some authors in this blog.